The Fox and Cardinal are best friends. One day the Cardinal explains that he, “is sick and dying,” but reminds the Fox to look for signs to remind him they will always be together. One of those signs is a feather. 


This book gives hope to the grieving heart and can also help open conversations on death, grief and loss

Although, someone’s body is not with us, we can still get signs and messages they are near. This book also assists in spiritual and emotional intelligence.

Grief can be a topic difficult to talk about with children. We try our best to protect our children from pain, and many times grief is associated with deep emotional pain. Keeping children safe from these experiences is natural response, but by blocking these conversations they are left to make up their own stories or not have proper tools to navigate through difficult emotions. 

We want to strengthen emotional intelligence by helping children cope and navigate through truth and emotions. Validating feelings, answering questions, using developmental appropriate language, clearing up misconceptions and giving them choices are essential in the process of talking to your child about grief and death. 

Fox & Feather 

Therapeutic Scarf Activity 

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