Kendall Lanning

Author & Illustrator
Certified Child Life Specialist 
Certified Yoga Instructor
Indigo Starseed 

I am an Indigo Starseed with education and training as a Certified Child Life Specialist, Certified Yoga Instructor and Energy Worker. I also worked in early intervention behavioral therapies for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, where I learned that unspoken heart-centered language is voice of sensitive populations.  At the hospital as a Child Life Specialist I work closely with pediatric patients and their families helping them cope with hospitalizations, illness, trauma, loss and bereavement.  Being able to see the world through the eyes of a child comes naturally to me. I love to play, create space where time becomes irrelevant, MAGIC IS REAL, and the muscle of the imagination is stretched with creativity. 

Children are inheritably spiritual beings. It is so important that children are supported by caregivers that have a strong spiritual foundation. It is essential to empower parents to trust their intuition when it comes to their child's needs. We fall into societies systems, relying on others observations and opinions to shape our beliefs. The world is shifting. We are entering new territory, while reaching higher vibrations of consciousness means-being aware of old programing and systems that no longer serve us. 


"The new wave of intelligence has arrived.  It comes without labels, comparisons, measurements, tests, strict programs, and competitions.  What once was, is no longer. Our children deserve to keep the purity that they were inherently born with.”

                                                                                  -Kendall Lanning