Healing Sessions Offerings

During these unpredictable and transformational times it is essential that we care for our human vessel.  

Sound therapy is a beautiful and gentle modality to heal our bodies.

The circular vibration of the crystal bowls will cleanse and balance your energy field and cellular body.

These vibrations activate the life-force energy flowing within us and gives us the stimulation that our body needs to enhance self-healing.

Crystal Bowl & Energy Healing


-Currently facilitating in home sessions, virtual sessions

and Lotus House of Yoga, Omaha

Raising Lions

Therapeutic Healing



Lions are known to stand in their power with confidence. They have a brave heart that is gentle and compassionate, to themselves and others. This program is individualized to give your child tools to positively cope, communicate and respond to the world around them. Communication is not just a speaking language, but a frequency and vibration that comes from the heart.

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